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1. Reserve a room in which to store all the boxes...

2. ... because they just keep coming:

3. Open the boxes and get out a "bare bones" server (compute) node:

4. Set up an anti-static work area. Open a box of Xeon CPUs and get two CPUs:

5. Install and latch the CPUs; then add their heat exchangers:

6. Open box of memory; start adding sticks:

7. Surveying our handiwork...

8. ... we're half done with our first "twin"...

9. ... so repeat steps 5 & 6 on the other twin; add air-flow ducting, and we're done!
(with two nodes -- just 40+ to go.)

10. Meanwhile, upgrade the power and climate control systems in the room where these will reside:

11. Then move in the empty rack and wire it into the power system:

12. Remove the doors and sides from the rack; decide where you want your nodes, switches, etc. to go; start installing the rails that will hold the various components:

13. Install the sliders on the sides of the nodes:

14. Slide the nodes, switches, etc. into the rails on the rack:

15. Connect the nodes to the switches: (picture still to come)

16. When everything is connected, we're done (with the hardware)!

17. Now that the easy part is done, start installing and configuring the OS and other software:

18. ... which takes the rest of the summer...

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